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Question Verification Process

Can someone tell me if the verification process is still the same or not? I know you have to fill out that STUPID form but do you also have to send off an email to verifications@livestream.com (Which we all know they NEVER respond to) as well?

I ask this because I recently luanched a talk show which is currently seen elsewhere WHERE I KNOW I ACTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE OF LANDING VIEWERS. But I'm wondering if I have to continue broadcasting the show truely live where I currently have it (So I can get the viewers) & then import the archive over here as one of several places that offers streaming archive viewing.

In addition to my show, I also plan to include other like-minded shows which I secure permission to broadcast as well as other content either in the public domain or under a Non-Comm No-Derivs Creative Commons license.

But first I need to know what my chances are of actually getting viewers WITHOUT having to jump through hoops to accomplish this. Are things the same or is LiveStream FINALLY beginning to listen to us (I DO notice people actually leaving LiveStream & going elsewhere because they're fed up with the process here. I'm just wondering if that's still true or if there's other issues at play here. I know this because these people indicate so on the message boards there).

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