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Default using wirecast - is livestream recompressing my stream?

I'm using Wirecast to stream H.264 over flash, and Livestream premium to deliver to viewers. I've noticed that the video stream, while usually stable, doesn't appear smooth when viewed through the player - the framerate seems much lower than the 25fps I am using. I checked the recording on the Livestream server (by downloading the mp4 file off of Livestream Studio) and it seems fine, completely smooth and without any sort of smear or stutter. The problem therefore is somewhere in the delivery to viewers.

I am wondering if Livestream is recompressing my stream before sending it out to viewers. The channel I am using is currently configure to 'Basic (500kbps)' - but my stream is at about 280kbps, do to technical constraints. Could this be part of the problem? Will switching over to 'H.264 Beta (500kbps)' help/change anything?

Or is the problem with Flash? I've been using a brand-new high-end macbook pro both for streaming and for viewing - I can't imagine the low-framerate has anything to do with my processing power.

Any ideas?

Mich'ael Zupraner
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