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Old 16th October 2008, 11:03
Trouffman Trouffman is offline
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Default Little bug : Title Bar(overlay) don't change when FME resume after the autopilot


Can't find a better thread's title, sorry for that !

First of all you guy from Mogulus made an awesome work on this system ! thanks !

I'm here today due to a little bug about Title bar (Overlay) of the clips played in the autopilot that still on the player when you resume a live broadcast from FME with autolive settings.

Here are complementaries infos :

The autopilot is ON and running. The recorded clip broadcasted by autopilot had an overlay (ie. : saying "Overlay autopilot").

I want to broadcast live from FME, and I add the "autolive=true" setting in the URL.

When I connect and broadcast it's ok it works fine !

But the overlay from the recorded clip that was displaying during autopilot still on the player...

So now i've my "live" broadcast but with the overlays from my recorded clip .

I need to log into the studio to show a new overlay...

That was yesterday so it should be on Studio beta 3.0.1 and actual player version.

I hop I've gave you all the needed informations.

Best regards
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Old 16th October 2008, 20:11
benhomer benhomer is offline
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Thank you for reporting this, I have escalated it to our team and we should have it fixed soon.

Mogulus Support
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Old 17th October 2008, 08:34
Trouffman Trouffman is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2008
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Thanks for the quick answer

bye !
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