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Default Options for screen capture

I have a rather new Macbook pro:

2,26 GHZ Intel Core Duo
2 Go of Ram
More HD space then I can spare.

I looked everywhere and I find that the screen capture mode is not very efficicient, not to be rude, just an observation. There should be a way that if you choose to grab your screen, the webcam doesn't run at the same time. It's incredibly CPU consumming and it makes my entire computer run as slow as my old G3 did. Not only that but the music I listen to while working gets all distorted and it sounds as if I'm entering the Matrix all the time. I told Procaster to mute all of the audio input but I keep getting error messages telling me the audio recording has failed, when I clearly never asked to be recorded.

Will there be in the future, a way to work onscreen without the whole 'webcam' thing turning on? Like a 'silent screen grab' mode, where a user could work intensively in Photoshop without worrying about RAM and CPU usage?

Can't wait for the next Procaster Mac update. I know it's not my computer. I'd just really like to share my work sessions with other artists...
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