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Default Add Camera from another user?

Ok I added the other user to my production team and marked him as camera only, but I dont see his feed! Is there something I'm missing? What do both of us need to do in the software?

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Default It worked for me

Friday I did a two camera feed. I had my assistant log on to mogulus using a laptop with a camera attached and his camera showed up but he could not cue it. I then set up a second camera and laptop for me and saw both my camera and his. I was able to cue the cameras and switch when I was signed on as me. Then I went to a third computer and used that to monitor the other two and switch between them.

So I know it works. When you camerman logged in to mogulus did he see the studio? When you were logged in did you see his camera name, but no feed? Or did you se nothing?

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