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Old 8th October 2008, 21:15
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Default sometimes a video from Storyboard skips (as it is not yet Converted and ussally 1st o

HI of Mogulus.
I had been noticing some weird problems with my channel (www.mogulus.com/kftvonline ) and I had noticed a Storyboard I putted up that it just Skipped the first video of the storyboard as it was not finished Converting the video. this had happened only 1 time and today another time. I then needed to start the Auto-Pilot to the beginning since it just got stuck in the storyboard and the only way was reseting it.
I was very sad about this that I needed to do that and I think it was also doing that with others videos in other storyboard before since I noticed it was not going to schedule I wanted to be.
Can SOMEONE please help with this????
this is one big problem that it is like that because then people will not see that part and will question what happened and why is it not in schedule. I had always Liked your service when it first started in the beginning years. Also this had been going around very long with the issues and bugs and all. I know you guys are tying the best, but it is too mush lagging, many bugs and issues are around. What I have in my brain now is to change to another provider that it is somewhat like this one and not that many issues are around, but Please, please fix it and when the Pro pack comes and see no issues around, then us the producers WILL buy it.
EDIT: seeing A LOT of lagging on the channel and I am now looking for another service I can use in the meantime. Please fix this ASAP. the lagging is like 1-3min long and who would watch a channel with problems?
EDIT: I think another problem is that video are comverted to 25fps wille videos from US uses 29.97fps/30fps and 23.97 fps

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