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Default Can't get verified

When I first tried to get verified, they rejected my application claiming that they were not able to check whether I own the copyrights of my channel's contents. When I changed the contents to something that I'm pretty sure it does not require copyright licenses, they rejected me claiming that my channel is not big enough, which is not true. Since often times my channel gets stuck at 50 viewers for hours, and viewers keep asking me to get verified. How can I get verified ASAP? What is the fastest way? Please help.
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Originally Posted by alexjs View Post

I had a look at your channel and the reason that you have been rejected is because you are broadcasting Music Videos that we were unable to verify you hold rights to.

Your live tutorials are great however, so if you made sure that your autopilot consisted only of your own original footage then you would be more likely approved.

Alex Schuster
Livestream Verification
Alex - Have you been to the Internet Archive lately?

Over there, they have A SLEW of Classic TV shows & movies which are in the public domain (There's even a Creative Commons License indicating as much on a lot of the stuff they have). I broadcast that stuff on Back To The Future TV & WSUD-TV & NEITHER OF THOSE STATIONS HAVE BEEN VERIFIED.

On As My World Turns, I broadcast MY OWN STUFF. All you see when I'm not on cam is MY FACE in various videos. Same thing holds true with the weight loss sister station As My Weight Loss World Turns only with a few exceptions where there are a few videos imported from YouTube.

Not to hijack the thread with my situation here, but to get some answers to the following questions.....

1) What is taking so long?
2) WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN TOLD MY STATIONS WERE REJECTED (I haven't received any emails or PMs from LiveStream with an explanation)

I would think that a station that broadcasts ALL original content should sail through the verification process. But alas,I guess that's not good enough. :angry:

Might I get an explanation soon Alex? I hope so.....

Cheers & 73 to all the Hams amongs us
Pat Cook, KB0OXD (Ham Radio Callsign)
As My World Turns (Lifecast) | As My Weight Loss World Turns TV (Weight Loss) | Back To The Future TV (Classic TV & Movies) | WSO-TV Soap Opera TV (Classic Soap Operas) | KB0OXD Cybershack TV (Ham Radio) | The Left Wing Conservative TV (Politics)
Denver, CO
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Default How long

Yea I made this account 2 days ago I think and Im wondering how long its gonna take to verify my channel. Is it because of the music I play in the background when i work? because if thats the case I can turn the sound off.

http://livestream.com/demonjack123 my livestream channel
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Exclamation Channel Verification

I was just wondering if somone could give me a checklist of what exactly is needed in order to get your channel verified.

I've submitted my application around 12 times already to no avail. I have recorded material in my auto-pilot along with material in my on-demand library. What else is needed ?


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Your channel does not comply with our terms of service. Please contact verification@livestream.com for more information or have a look at our user guide:

Livestream Verification Team
Old 2nd December 2009, 22:43
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Default Getting Verified?!?

Hi All.

Applied for verification here but was rejected, I'm assuming because I play Youtube vids. Which I don't really get because Livestream allows the usage of them through their Studio, which I use.

Any suggestions to get verified?
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So any network with Youtube vids will not be verified?
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What videos are you publishing? I think the import youtube video import feature is meant to allow easy broadcasting of videos that you have right to broadcast. I've no problems and have been verified with youtube videos.

What was the answer they gave you on the verifying process?
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Originally Posted by viovegas View Post
So any network with Youtube vids will not be verified?
Why would it have the option to upload Youtube videos in the Studio then ?
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Default rejected

i dont get why my stream livestream.com/ilovelamp got rejected twice because there are 50 ppl watching all the time since i made it and its pretty annoying to have that cap.
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