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Default Question RE: Recorded Stuff

I just wanted to see how the recordings would look should i decide to do it. Not sure if I'm gonna but when trying i ran into a "problem"

I tried a few times. The first time it said i recorded something but when i clicked the play button it said there was nothing there (there was no duration). I deleted it and tried again. This time it had a duration and even added to the video on demand etc... but it only plays audio without the video.

Thinking I just needed to be patient I went away and came back later. Still the same problem. I then clicked the play button in the storyboard part and it seems to be fine, audio and video is there and sounds and looks good, with the caveats that when i downloaded the file there is a extreme lag on it that's not there when playing in storyboard and when i embedded it the same issue of only audio playback appears again.

Is there a solution?

Using Procaster Mac and my built in cam
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