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Default beta 2.0.10 feedback

Program starts much faster and does not exhibit the long pauses.
I can begin a broadcast and select my camera if the encoder pref is set to qt h264, the h264 does not show my camera. Once I stop the broadcast and restart, the camera is gone. I must stop, enter prefs, switch to the other encoder, save, reopen prefs, select qt h264 again, save and then broadcast again to get the camera back.

The FPS on camera never gets above 10fps, i assume this is the poor qt encoding bug.

The screen is still seeing both my monitors as 1, this is apparent on program launch since it appears right in the middle of the 2, half on each one. The green marks also span both monitors, however the preview monitor only shows the main one and it won't show any part of the second screen even if zoomed in and moved, it just goes black in the preview.

When broadcasting the players never shows any video but it does show the orange LIVE for about a minute then switches to the auto pilot. the preview shows proper but the new window option crashes the program.

Program will sometimes not start. Force quitting and restarting usually works. In a few cases it has crashed so hard I have had to reboot to regain access to my camera and sound.

overall a step forward and a timely release for the new beta. Looking forward to using this for production. I much prefer my Mac over my PC.

I think it would be nice if we could select some standard and custom sizes for the crop marks with a pop up. The zoom function works, but its very unpredictable.
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Hi moabyte

thanks for your remarks. One note: the QT encoder is highly unstable, as stated in the release notes

Lior, Livestream
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