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Post System Requirements

I'm having some issues broadcasting, possibly due to the fact that I have a lower end PC.

I'm trying to stream myself playing a game boy game on an emulator. Since the "Game" option on procaster does not work I use the "Screen" option and resize the window to only focus on the game screen. The window size is aprox. 200 x 150.

When I first start playing, everything is smooth; running at 25-30 fps with ~180 kbps. After about two minutes however; the FPS drops to 4 or less and the kbps drops to 60 or less.

I have checked myself and had a friend view- there is about a minute delay between me and the stream. The stream also runs slow.

I have sucessfully broadcasted using the "game" option myself playing the epsxe emulator. Albiet performance was somewhat slowed, it was no where near as bad as the situation I am describing. Which is odd considering epsxe is more intensive than visualboyadvanced.

I have tried disabling any and all unecessary programs, processes and features. I have made sure my computer is Virus / SpyWare / Malware free. I have cleaned up and defragmented the hard drive. All Drivers and updates are current.

System Specifications:

512 MB RAM
Intel Pentium 4 1.60 Ghz processor
Windows XP
NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model64 / Model64Pro

I realize that this is an old system, but I feel it should be able to perform to the minimum. I could be wrong and just may have to upgrade.

I am on a Verizon FiOS high speed internet connection as well:

Speed Test Results:

Rochester Server:
Download Speed- 19.72 MB/s
Upload Speed- 3.72 MB/s
Ping- 135 ms

Hamilton, Ontario Server:
Download Speed- 19.36 MB/s
Upload Speed- 4.75 MB/s
Ping- 42 ms

Chicago Server:
Download Speed- 19.73 MB/s
Upload Speed- 4.81 MB/s
Ping- 41 ms

Dallas Server:
Download Speed- 19.38 MB/s
Upload Speed- 4.73 MB/s
Ping- 57 ms

Ft. Lauderdale Server:
Download Speed- 18.76 MB/s
Upload Speed- 3.47 MB/s
Ping- 135 ms

San Francisco Server:
Download Speed- 18.28 MB/s
Upload Speed- 4.66 MB/s
Ping- 89 ms

As you can see- there is no problem with my internet connection. So what would explain the low / drop in kbps; as well as the feed delay. I am aware there is a 500kbps cap.

Thank you for your help. Yes, I do realize this is not a computer tech support forum- but I thought an information overload would be better than a lack thereof.

Last edited by Foley_vonAwesome; 8th November 2009 at 11:10. Reason: Added more information regarding how I sucessfully broadcasted using a different emulator
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Any ideas?
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Default Whats the Deal?

I am curious I do not see this question answered elsewhere.
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Procaster PC Minimum Requirements and Suggested Specs can be found here: http://www.livestream.com/userguide/...m_Requirements

Rick Stern
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I have the best pc money can buy and some reason if i put a game on and run livestream from in the game it lag the game horribly. yet weirdly when i run the game ina window it works fine, of course this defeats the purpose of me running it full screen though.

this software is still in development apparently because its very buggy and i havent seen a stable release yet for anyone not even premium users who pay for it get any kind of better support.

Well here is my comp specs and it lags so baddd with this program

win 7 64
I7 975 3.6 intel extreme overclocked limited edition
24 gb ram 1333
dual nvidia 295 cards the most powerful money can buy
and its all liquid cooled

so if its lagging mine then apparently they need to work out their software because I can run crysis at full settings while watching a movie and running winamp for music but if i just run livestream theres crashes all over and EVERY game lags so bad it renders teh game unplayable. I dont even know why they include that option if it is so doomed to failue as a capture stream thing
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While you do have a very powerful system, Running a Game, at full resolution, with high detail, while trying to encode a video stream from this game will not only utilize all of your cores, but will slow both game play and encoding down. No matter what system you use. Also Have you changed your procaster settings to allow your game playback to be 30FPS or higher? Also what do you have your Procaster settings at? (Please note that you will only be able to stream at 500kbps if you are a free user). What are your internet upload speeds too. It is suggested that you run your game at a lower resolution, and have procaster set to no higher than High
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delay, fps, requirements, slow, system

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