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Default Schedules for 'My Team' members

Re: Schedules for 'My Team' members

I need this for 'My Team'...We have a timetable for our Shoutcast stream where DJs are only allowed to login at their time with their own password...

I tried the 'my team' option with them in 'cam only' mode, but that way they need me (owner) to cue their cams every time they go live........yeah useful, not....so whats the point in the "Cam Only" option, if you cant use it?........ like I'm around 24/7 to cue the cams!...... and sod giving ppl the owner account password.

So, my request is to add a schedule so that we can add each member of 'My Team' to specified days and times (via an API if possble).

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