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Default Acess to Video-On-Demand from Embedded player

The channel I stream for uses a site with their own chat. Mostly Due to chat moderation issues in the old livestream chat, mostly, although also for the option to resize the frame with the player in it, and allow the viewers to use the frames to set up the screen space as suits them.

However, the new beta player, when embedded, does not have a way to access on-demand videos. While we hadn't been making heavy use of it until recently, but now that it's out of the beta player, our viewers can't access it.

Which makes me sadface. One of the things I appreciated about livestream was that it was a very powerful tool, with the free-wheeling embedding, and full channel functionality even from an embedded player, multiple layouts for the player to suit your needs, among other things. I hope that isn't gone for good.

Also, from what I can tell, the pause button is silly, because the image isn't updated that often, so it's not really accurate. Also, it's a bit misleading to indicate the ability to "pause" a live broadcast. The old "off button" was much more straightforward.

All this whining aside, I do appreciate the work you guys are doing, and keep on making the internet even cooler than we thought it was in the 90's.
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same for me too.
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