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Default Thoughts on the new layout

Hey guys, just noticed the new layout when I was configuring my channel. I'm usually good for an honest opinion or two, so here it is.

The new player is in 16x9 format. Does this mean all tickers/graphics/titles are just going to be stretched, or are we going to get reworked versions for this new horizontal space?

I like the new look for the VoD. However, I still have a few huge problems with it. The biggest problem is that I can't find any way for it to display more than the 9 newest clips. Second, we have our VoD organized in many different folders. All of that seems to be scrapped.

I think having an entirely new page just to get embed information is kind of cumbersome. Perhaps you could just have it pop up and dim the rest of the page or something. However, the new embed player looks MUCH nicer.

The one thing that I REALLY want to know about that's VERY important is the chat. Firstly, the chat is very important to our viewers. The space allotted for it in the new layout appears to be very small. The chat isn't horizontally aligned with the video. The chat is really easy to read right now because it's right next to the video. There are a few options I see in the new chat preview. Maybe a popout chat window (yes please!) and/or even a re-sizable chat would be really awesome.

I would really like having the banner go across the entire width of the screen instead of just that little section.

Also, please give the option to use the new layout or not. Honestly, the new layout seems a lot better for personal channels and small things such as that, but for more professional uses the old page still appears to be better. I'd probably stick with the old layout unless the new layout addresses the thing's I've stated.
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Default One more thing

One major complaint with the current layout is the placement of the event calendar. I think the new layout has plenty of places for the even calendar where it would be seen a lot better.
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Default On Demand menu

Where is the on demand menu? We use the on demand menu quite often.
Can the related content be hidden?

Or most popular channels (for premium users)
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Default Customizing the related channels

love the new look. Is there any way or could there be a way for us to customize the related channels widget to accomodate our own network of stations?
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Default Stunning advancements

Wowed at the consistent level of innovation and UI improvements. Wading through the changes but very nicely presented and packaged and hyper focused on the critical needs of the emerging user base. Well done.
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Question Chat layout

one of our huge problems is the chatroom, being infested by trippers, is it posible for the chatrom to have any authentication like for example facebook or twitter account?...

yes I know, you're gonna say there is a facebook and twitter included in the room... ok fair enough it nice, BUT, can we have it like NOT post the things that we're going to write down the room to our Facebook wall? kinda like a Facebook chatroom. coz imaging if we're going to see all the things we posted in the new chatroom, our Facebook accounts will be flooded..

one more thing, I noticed the new player is 16x9, can we "free users" broadcast the same widescreen size?

Best Regards
99.1 Spirit-FM

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Default I hate it

Way over done! looks like a Myspace layout keep the clean professional look
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still getting use to the new look...it does look clean that for sure going to see what my viewers thing

also I hope the new chat comes in soon cause from the blog

(Some advancements of the new livestream chat include a new cleaner look, ability to embed the chat separately, login required option for chatting, IP banning, easy moderation within the chat window itself (no need to use the studio) and the ability to promote any user to chat moderator. This chat widget will also be embeddable very shortly.)
I like that chat can be embed separately at least on a site. the login required not sure how that will work..but LOVE IP banning and the promote user to chat moderator is good too.

one thing thought for me...you guys just got the studio profile thing fix for the old layouts but the new ones...are...a mess..again
html please thanks

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So far a very big fan of the new design. I have a few "cons", though.. but a good few pros as well.

>> Twitter client uses so much space for the url, please shorten it and allow us to put in more text, and/or make the url-sharing optional so we can use the full 140 character limit.
>> Using the Popout feature seemed to obliterate the Law Abiding Citizen Premier channel for me.. I need to investigate further.
>> The wide-screen version (that expands the video to the borders) makes it hard to see the chat.
>> Video library seems to be difficult to browse through. They're.. absurdly randomized, when it's very important for my upcoming channel to have them organized and in the proper order.

>> From what I can see so far, this has a fantastically low resource imprint on my computer compared to the old viewer. Great job with the streamlining!
>> The design is very slick and fast, and has a very pleasing aesthetic.
>> The video library is otherwise great, and would be even better if you could fix the sorting issues!
>> I'm simply excited to see this new design, and can't wait to see how you bring it all together with Procaster, the Studio, and the Broadcaster.

>> Please tell your coders to do something with Google Gears, so that it'll work across multiple browser platforms (Google Chrome has a few issues with this website, for example).
>> Sorting issues for the video library. Please, fix them! (Broken record.)
>> Make it more clear when a video is in live/offline mode. Thanks!
>> Please make the log-in requirements -optional-.
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Post I love it

Hi I own 105.5 The Summit I think this beta channel looks awesome I love it, it should become permanent

Keep Rockin'

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