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Default Chat Moderation

The only topic was closed on this subject and the response given was "turn off chat".

Channel owners need a method of chat moderation without completely disabling the chat channel. Sometimes I have upwards of 100 people in my channel and the chat gets pretty out of hand due to 1 or 2 people picking fights, I don't want to remove chat for the other people communicating in a positive manner. With

Please bump this to a top priority issue, if channel owners cannot moderate their chat rooms then they will seek other means of streaming their service, essentially cutting YOU (Mogulus) out of the picture in terms of profit.

Such a wonderful service I honestly can't understand why this feature hasn't been pushed harder.
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Old 26th September 2008, 17:01
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Chat moderation is a top priority issue and we are working on it right now but it is not something that can be added overnight. Thank you for your continued patience.

Mogulus Support
Ben Homer
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Please Mogulus manage team Chat moderation must be a top priority.
The Channel owners need a method of chat moderation.
I just got spme ppl jumping to USTREAM.tv

Many tanks.
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