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Default Chat Moderation Issues

Ok, we've made it through a lot of ballgames without this issue, but tonight it finally came around...

Chat has always remained clean, but we started having pranksters jump in with some pretty ridiculous nicknames and spewing some crazy stuff that wasn't getting caught by the automatic filtering. Problem is that they jump on for a few seconds then jump off before you can hunt them down in the chat list and ban them. What is the possibility of being able to right click on a previous chat post and choose to remove it, along with banning the user via the post? I hate turning off the chat during ballgames, but it really was over the top enough, and they would troll around awhile waiting for chat to be reenabled.
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This is an ongoing issue and it may well be the same small group of people doing this. Livestream may institute a requirement to login to join the chat but I don't see that as a solution. It may slow them down a bit but that's it.

Ideally there should be IP address based banning but it seems Livestream can't institute that.
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Originally Posted by cseeman View Post
This is an ongoing issue and it may well be the same small group of people doing this. Livestream may institute a requirement to login to join the chat but I don't see that as a solution. It may slow them down a bit but that's it.

Ideally there should be IP address based banning but it seems Livestream can't institute that.
Heck, I thought it was IP based and they are just using proxies to switch up and keep 'having fun' with us.
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The solution is so simple:

Instead of this novice exteme stuff like "enable or disable" chat, make it to where the admin can choose on whether he wants chat guest to have sign in names or allow non-registered users to use the chat too.

For the registered name system: make the name have of course have their ip addressed attached to it, and also a valid email activation attached to it. Spammers will get discouraged quick if they have to not only change their ip to come back and spam after being banned, but also make a new email to activate the account. If its just a quick sign up with no activation, we won't see any change in the amount of spammers. Also email activated accounts will allow users actual display name to be anything they want and can constantly change since Admin will have view of their email address too to see who they are.

Having the option to enable unregistered guest will allow those admins who either A: don't care about spammers or don't get them often or B: don't want to put their viewers through the trouble of signing up.

Kyte stream services has this exact method and it works flawlessly. Will live stream implement this? 95% of me says not anytime soon at the rate they are fixing anything the users are wanting. If its not going to increase profit margins, it doesn't concern them is the way I am starting to see it. If someone wrote a post wishing for more pop up ads on the videos, the actual owner of this business might even reply and say "great idea!"

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This has never happend to me but before it did I disabled livestream chat and implemented a window next to the video which connected to the IRC network, this way you have more control on bans, kicks and details of the user etc. To see how it looks visit our site tv.cod5league.eu

Not ideal but works a treat
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Default Problem partially solved.

Disabling chat sounded like a non solution.

I had to abandon three channels due to the spammers. They scared off my customers just as I was about to get sponsors to cover the premium channel.
I was attacked again by the same bunch who invaded my newest channel.

My current attempt to do a premium channel is with a radio station. We have been doing a live shakedown for 4 weeks now.
Here are the scheduled LIVE events we currently carry.

Monday - Friday
5:00 am Gospel programing. Heavy chat use for prayer
6:30 am Wakeup Show, News, weather, sports
7:15 am
weekly shows with guest, Mayor, County Commissioner, School Principals, Coaches,
and others.
Friday 12:00 noon Live remote "Football Friday with coach Rodney
Dollar" from local restaurants.
Friday 6:00 pm Pregame show.
Friday 7:00
pm Tigers Football
Friday till 11:00 pm Post game show.

6:00 am College Football review (2 hours)
Sunday 11:00 am - 1:00 pm and 7:00
pm - 8:00 pm Live services from Westside Church.

In addition, there is 5 hours a day of live studio broadcast from the WTLS Studio. And Daily replays of selected shows. Saturday, I replay several HS football games and the coaches shows.

We use four computers, (New Sony laptops, each with three cameras,) and during our 1 month shakedown period, I've done sixteen live remotes.

I lined up 11 sponsors who had committed to a mid October launch date, when I plan to go Premium.

Football games are of course the most popular shows, with as many as 80 active chatters at one time, however, all the live shows have gradually built up a following of active chatters. Viewers usually outnumber chatters 2 or 3 to 1.

Then Disaster Struck

We were about 10 minutes before kickoff on the homecoming game. 120 viewers (45 of them actively chatting), had already logged into the channel before the game show started.
A group of eight spammers hit us with extremely inappropriate language and long strings of repeated phrases designed to make our regular chat scroll off the screen before it could be read. Half of our viewers left the channel after just 5 minutes of this crap even though I muted all viewers within the first minute.

Banning them was useless, they got new nick names before we could even find their names in the list. (We have 5 moderators, yet, we still could not prevent the spamming.) In some cases the spammers nickname flashed in the viewer list for less than a second, just long enough to post one long line of spam.
I had to shut down chat from within the studio for the majority of the game. I turned it back on at halftime, but got hit again within just one minute.

I spent the next three days on the phone apologizing to High School principals, Coaches, the Town Mayor, a County commissioner, Prospective sponsors, and the owner of the Radio Station.

One high school has banned us from covering all their events. Five prospective sponsors have pulled out.

I've been warned, if it happens again, the station will shut us down.

I have discovered one thing that may help prevent this.

While Livestream has suggested turning off chat, doing so for our viewers is an absolute deal killer.
What Livestream didn't tell us, but I discovered, is that there is another way to turn off chat.
I always used the configure channel interface built into the studio.
I happen upon the the configure channel icon on the accounts page. It is essentially the same except that it also included a check box to enable player chat. I unchecked it and discovered it disabled the chat on the Livestream site, but NOT on the embedded channels.

This prevents the spammers from browsing the live channels at Livestream and attacking our channel while they are in Livestream. I believe that the 8 spammers had not gone to our web page where the channel is embedded based on the tracking for our player page.

However, Even that will not stop theses spammers. Here is the reason:

Our announces promote the player web site throughout the game. The reason is simple. The audio from our broadcast is also the audio feed to the radio station to deliver audio from the live remote sites to the stations transmitter. Our audio is simulcast on both am and fm.
This means that the spammers, seeing our channel on Livestream will hear instructions to go to our web page several times during a broadcast. They will also know that chat is enabled on our site because the announcers often read questions and comments from our viewers.

There does not seem to be a way to remove our channel from the channels shown on the Livestream channel guide. Our first week we were not registered, so our channel did not show up, but we hit the 50 viewer limit in our very first broadcast.

The inability to remove our channel from the Livestream channel guide seems to be the real problem. I tried changing our category to one with a lot of popular channels in the hope that our channel would not be found by the spammers. That didn't work. Regardless of the category, during a football game we are always listed on the first page, "Live, Sports" somewhere between 7th and 17th on the first page.
As far as attracting legitimate viewers to our channel, the Livestream guide is useless. I have never seen more than one or two viewers in excess of the ones logged into out web site, other than when the spanners are attacking us.

Our viewers are attracted to our channel because of radio advertising. The only people attacked to our channel by the Livestream guid is this band of thugs intent on destroying Livestream channels like ours.

How can Livestream fix this?
(1) Add a cool down period prior to chatting. A spammer would have to enter a nickname, then wait 0 -30 seconds prior to posting. (The length would be set by the channel owner.)
(2) Add a cool down time to after one chat line is posted. A spammer would have to wait 0 to 10 seconds between posts. (adjustable in studio)
(3) Fix the ban code so it actually bans the user's IP address.
(4) Allow users to hide their channel from the Livestream "LIVE"guide.
(5) Shut down the channels that the harbor and even encourage these spammers. Attacking other channels with the intent of destroying them is surely contrary to the the terms and conditions of the Livestream agreement.
(6) Provide a better moderator mode. In the studio, in addition to "Clear Chat" and "Mute viewers, add a "Moderate Chat". All chat not from producers would be displayed and have to be approved by a moderator prior to being posted on the channel. Each chat line from an ordinary viewer would be displayed and the "Y" or "N" key would have to be pressed to approve or skip a chat line.

Please don't tell me to use some other chat. I've tried six different ones, none of them are acceptable. The primary , but not the only, reason, being they can not be integrated into the Livestream viewer and do not move with the channel when it is embedded in another site.

The owner of the station likes having my channel carrying his station, he is also involved in 9 other stations around Alabama. If I can solve this problem, He wants me to start and operate channels for these other stations as well.

Please Help.
Bob Grosh
Owner, tallasseetimes.

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It appears as if we're having the same group of spammers come to our channel. It's the same type of post where they'll put the same highly offensive string of conversation (with spaces in between the words so the filter won't catch it) and then jump between names and colors so we can't ban. If we can have the registered user mandatory chat use I think that would make the most sense.

This is very frustrating and our users were using the chat a lot and very responsibly before this apparent group targeted us. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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