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Wink Small suggestions to confuse my viewers LESS :D

I notice a few small things that confuse people:

1) It would appear that viewers are not able to tell when my channel is LIVE and when it is on autopilot (reruns), it'd be nice if something said: "Currently showing recording BLAHBLAH". Sometimes a lonely soul comes into the chatroom and bewilderedly wonders why the channel seems Live but no one responds to his comments; "is it broken???"

The action I've taken against this is leaving a message in the chat that I am not LIVE, and locking the chat. But it'd be nice if the channel made it obvious on its own, or could be customized to do so. I guess I can include info about it by making an info video the first clip of the autopilot, I will have to give that a try.

2) On-Demand button: most people seem to miss this. I have no idea how to do it better though. Ustream has some thumbnails under the video linking to the recording, but that might not be the look you are going for here - if so, don't. Still, I think the On-Demand option is a little invisible as it is.
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Hi Kriscrash,

I usually have the ticker scrolling a message saying "re-run of xyz - this is not live" or something similar. When you come back you can turn the ticker off via the studio.
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