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Default How to set URL for Flash Media Encoder for Mogulus

I downloaded the Adobe 2.5 Flash Encoder as provided inside the studio link, but I have no idea how to tie this to my own mogulus tv station. How do you set up the URL in Adobe Flash encoder so it points and delivers to my mogulus station? Or is this simply impossible?
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Step by step instructions for cofiguring FME to work with Mogulus can be found here:

Mogulus Support
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Ive followed the guide but still keep getting disconnection. Also in my studio the camera does not show up when using the Adobe Flash Encoder, it all works fine when not using the Adobe Encoder.

Also where is this found ? * Set isAutoLive=true if you want the feed to go live on your channel immediately bypassing the need to cue the camera and press record in the Studio.

* Set isAutoLive=false if you simply want the feed to appear as a camera in your Mogulus studio and manually control it when you cue it and go live from the studio. By doing this the Flash Media Encoder signal will show up as "External Feed" in the cameras menu and you will be able to add graphic overlays and use the studio as if it is a separate camera.
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