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Bless all,

First off want to thank and congratulate Mogulus for this awesome program, I plan to get very creative with this.

I'm sure your Pro version is gonna have lots of extras to pull alot of us over, I'll probably stay on the free side for a while unless the quality is that much better (picture and streaming) that it wouldn't make sense not to move over to Pro but I have a feeling that the price will be out of my range especially if it's based on initial purchase PLUS bandwidth.

One extra I'm betting Pro will have is probably static scheduling, right now even though the clips in a storyboard adds up to 60:00 min it drifts or skips and or jumps to be more or less than 60:00 min and pretty much throws off the timing through the day making it harder to advertise times of shows reairing.

Could be used as bait to pull free users to Pro but I think it will help build a larger free user base to pitch other upgrades that Mogulus comes up with for Pro.

All around I'd have to say with something as this revolutionary the free version as it is now if much doesn't change when Pro comes out is pretty damn good, so my Feature Request would be static (or more exact) timing on storyboard playbacks for the current free version.

Great job and good luck with the Pro release,

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