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Default Bitrate question

My configuration:

Late-2011 15" MBP
- Quad i7 2.4GHz (Sandy Bridge)

Canon HS20 that outputs via HDMI to Blackmagic UltraStudio Express and connects to my Mac via Thunderbolt.


The issue:

I stream 75-minute events It seems the max bitrate I can stream for that amount of time or longer is around 2.2Mbps. The CPU usage meter in Livestream for Producers hovers right around 28-30%. When I go to, say, open the audio mixer the CPU usage jumps to around 50%.

I would like to stream at 3.5Mbps or higher. When I try at that bitrate the stream seems to only last for ten minutes or so and then flashes the CPU usage message and recommends dropping bitrate or framerate. During the stream the CPU usage meter stays around 50-60 %...it will also jump to 80% and give the CPU warning that recommends stopping the stream and reducing bitrate.

Am I asking too much of my system? Specifically my CPU? I understand it's starting to show its age, but I would think that it should be able to consistently handle a higher bitrate than 2.2mbps...especially when it is used for streaming only and the absolute bare minimum background processes running.

FWIW, my connections speeds are a consistent 60mbps down and 10mbps up and a 10ms ping.
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It seems to me that your equipment should deal to stream. And if not then the only solution is to buy a higher performance.

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