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Default stream lag ~10s

i've actually upgraded to basic.

i was expecting that the local publishing server would reduce the delay. i need to stream in less than 5s delay. (i tried logout and relogin - it shows i'm 'basic' customer).

i'm disappointed to find that there is no performance improvement, seeing about 10s offset consistently.

any idea how to reduce the delay to less than 5s?
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Hi Wheimeng,

A delay of 10-20 seconds is normal, and for the moment unalterable. The reason for the latency is the DVR functionality built into the player, which needs about that many seconds to cache. The publishing point, while certainly helping delay, is there primarily to maintain a more reliable connection between your network and our CDN, giving your stream less distance to travel and dropping fewer packets.

While there isn't a way to reduce latency to your desired spec for the time being, I'd be happy to add it as a feature request.

Livestream Producer Support
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