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Default Game broadcasting

Well i can't record a video game, i run the game(starcraft) then i press ctrl F1 and it always says that i have to switch to the game and press ctrl F1.. well i've done a lotta that..and it still say the same damn thing..can someone tell me what's wrong ?
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Starcraft and other games pre-directx 8 would not work.

To repeat, game casting would work if :
1. game uses directx 8, 9, 10 and open GL, and
2. the green livestream icon should appear on the game screen.

Otherwise, the message "Please switch to the game and hit (HOTKEY)" would appear when you press Go, since the game couldn't be hooked.

BTW, for games other than starcraft, if you don't see the green icon, the best approach would be to:
1. Close the game and Procaster
2. Start procaster and move to Game mode.
3. Make sure that in the preferences screen, Game tab, the icon position is not set to None
4. Start the game

Let us know if you still experiencing problems

Lior Messinger
VP of Game & Desktop Products
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Default No Video Source Available - colour bug

first of all, I cannot selected a video source, it's blurred out. Sound works well.
However, I can still stream stuff from my desktop, but trying to stream Starcraft (old game, no hardware acceleration) results in a screen which is 90% full of black (not areas but the colours get changed to black, you can still tell you see the ingame screen.)

already tried some stuff to get to select another video source and browsed the forums but didn't find any answer.
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