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Default Swap cards out in Studio HD 500

We have a Studio HD 500 and it comes with two BM cards (that take up I think 3 slots with a daughter card). I think it's a Decklink HDSDI Quad, and a Decklink Studio. We only use the studio for it's one Output. We don't use the Octopus cable at all.

Can we swap out (I mean us purchase) the Decklink studio for 1 or 2 more Quads? And how many usable INS and OUTS would that give us?

I see some of the other Studio products have multiple Quads, but I'm not sure if the Decklink Studio card provides some kind of functionality that we need. We also don't need the HDMI in, which again I think is attached to the Decklink Studio. It would be nice to have that HDMI in, but it's not as important as having more cameras or sources.

And to that end... what other configurations of cards can we remove or add to the system?

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