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Question Video won't show up?

I just started using live stream, and today I recorded and four and a half hour video in procaster. I wanted to edit this video in iMovie on my mac so I did some research and someone said that if I go into manage library, I just download the video. But when I went in to manage library, the video wasn't there. And importing it would take like eight hours if it even decided to work. Help please!
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Thank you for contacting Livestream.

By default, Procaster records a copy of your stream to your local disk. It's likely that you have a copy of your event on the computer that you used to stream. On a PC, it will save to your Videos folder. On a Mac, it will save to your Movies folder.

If you want to further troubleshoot why you did not get a recording in your Studio library, please create a new ticket with newsupport@livestream.com, and we'll work to figure it out.

Thank you for using Livestream.
Livestream Producer Support
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