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Default XP, Procaster Screen Capture issue

Hey guys, its me again with another question.. im trying to use an ample XP desktop to use Procaster to do some streaming.. however.. when I set the capture up.. all I get coming across is the audio and a black screen.. which is weird because I can still see it playing on my system.. Im sure its a problem with a setting somewhere on my end, but im not sure where... it only seems to be an issue with avi's and mpeg's as well.. any ideas?

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Default no desktop capture with WM Player.

I'm also seeing a black screen with desktop capture on XP. This is a macbook pro running XP. I'm are trying to capture with windows media player playing a program stream. It seems to capture ok off of a desktop capture of a flash video player, but not windows media player. strange stuff. Any ideas on what to try? My goal is to re-stream a mms: stream through livestream, so if I can do that without a desktop capture all the better.

-Matt Johnson
The Uptake
St. Paul, MN
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I'm in the same boat as you two. I've tried streaming it in Nero as well, and of course that doesn't work. Nothing on this site is easy, is it?
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From my own experience, I'd say you might be setting the bitrate too high for your connection to handle. Make sure you try to keep a bit of extra bandwidth spare after accounting for Procaster's.
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my bitrate it just peachy, as ive tried all diff bitrates anyway.. and may I ask.. if im getting the show to play with VOB files, but it wont work with avi's or mpeg's, how could it be a bitrate issue? My desktop is pretty much identical to my laptop RAM wise, and yes ive done all updates to my video card..

like I stated before..

When I try to capture an avi or mpeg file, it plays fine in, VLC, WMP, Windows Classic Media player, and any other program I use, but the screen capture only captures a BLACK SCREEN.

Help? .. Ben?

hmm.. maybe hes out sick today... but me and the other 2 guys would still like some help if anyone could over there?
BTW.. thanks for chiming in guys.. it helps them to know other people are having issues as well.. When I find the fix.. ill be sure to post back here and let you guys know what to do. Thanks Livestream Community!

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Most likely this is related to video drivers -- I would update these to the latest version and if this doesn't try updating mogulus_global.xml as below:

a. Exit Procaster using the system tray menu
b. in Windows Explorer, go to C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\procaster
c. open mogulus_global.xml
d. change the following values to be
e. open procaster again

If neither of these things work please send to procaster@livestream.com:

All the logs you see in C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\procaster to
The dxdiag file which you can get by doing the following:
a. click on WIndows' Start.
c. in the search box, type dxdiag and Enter
d. in dxdiag, click Save All Information and save to dxdiag.txt
e. Send us the DXDiag.txt

Livestream Support
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i thought this was simple to use
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