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Default Perfect Streaming, No Signal

After sifting through FAQ, Google and this forum I couldn't find a solution to this:
On both of my channels I can't seem to get a connection to the Livestream server (?)
Running on a laptop with Windows 7, from desktop and speaker audio.
Procaster Panel says "perfect streaming," but the timer doesn't start and nothing shows up in my channel (video or sound).
Have tried re-installing Flash, restarting my PC, relaunching the Procaster and even broadcasting from the browser-procaster, but nothing seemed to work.
Any help would be great! I really like sharing what I'm listening to with the folks in my stream.
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I'm sorry to hear about your issue. Please open a ticket by writing in to newsupport@livestream.com, with a full description of your issue as you just described it. Please also include a screengrab of the Procaster control panel while you see "Perfect Streaming" and no timer. Please also include your username.

Thank you for your patience.
Livestream Producer Support
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This is a similar problem to what I'm having - I successfully streamed each week for the last 3, but now it's not working for me

Tried re-installing Producer, but issue persists

I connect successfully through Producer, it says 'perfect streaming', with expected FPS and CPU useage, expected Kbps, (but in my case, the counter is progressing as expected) but when i go to my livestream web page, the stream says it's 'offline'


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