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Unhappy Glitches in live program

I've done a couple of test broadcasts and both had the same issue of interruption glitches. I watched the recordings of the broadcasts, and here's what's happening. Audio and video are synced up fine, and there are no dropouts in program. During the live stream, it's like the program is briefly paused. This lasts for less than a second, and then program resumes. This is not a dropout. Because the dialog and video resume exactly where they left off. This is happening constantly throughout the entire program, every few seconds, at no specific interval. It seems fairly random.

This tells me that the dropouts are not a local production issue. I am sending out uninterrupted program (because all the data is there, just paused and resumed, paused and resumed...). There is an issue downstream with the receiving and rebroadcasting systems. So at the start of the broadcast there may be 3-5 seconds of delay from live to actual streamed program on an online viewer's computer. But by the end of the program there may be up to 20-30 seconds of delay from live to actual streamed program on a remote machine. These pauses (interruptions) keep getting injected into my program.

I am using a Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher to encode audio and video into an HDMI stream. This is then fed into a Blackmagic Intensity Pro PCIe card (HDMI input) in my PC streaming computer. The computer is an Asus i7 quad core with 16GB of ram, and a 3.4GHz processer. Procaster receives the input from the Intensity Pro card and the rest is up to Livestream.


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