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Default Broadcaster/iPhone wireless?

We have purchased the Livestream Broadcaster for use in a remote outdoor wedding event. We are using a Canon XF300 to shoot the video.

When testing internet connectivity at the site we found the venue's DSL connection to be far substandard for livestreaming requirements. We haven't been able to make a test with the Broadcaster at the site yet but will be in the coming days.

This left us with the problem of how to livestream from this location?

Our possible solution involved setting up a wireless hotspot with our iPhone, because AT&T gets decent 3G coverage in that area and we have been able to connect to the internet in remote spots with a jailbroken iPhone 4 before via hotspot apps like PDANet.

So when I tested this by setting up a hotspot with my iPhone via PDAnet, the Livestream Broadcaster it seems to have a problem connecting via Wireless even though my computer can recognize and connect to the hotspot. The Broadcaster itself could recognize the connection via it's startup scan. I then tried to connect the Livestream broadcaster directly to my computer via Ethernet, but got the same results.

So I guess I have two questions:
1) any suggestions for remote livestreaming?
2) any reasons why I can't connect to our wireless hotspot with the Livestream Broadcaster?

Thanks, any help is appreciated.


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