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Default why I recorded on small parts?

A few days ago he started recording livestream into small parts, and do not know how to fix it.
Someone can help me or tell why this happens.

Thank you very much and excuse my bad English.
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The multiple storyboards created during a single broadcast is generally caused due to network connectivity / Encoder disconnecting & reconnecting /Encoder crashing/ intermittent connectivity.If you want the multiple parts of the single broadcast to play as a single clip, you can drag all of the clips from the different storyboards and drop it into one storyboard and check mark the option "Play as one clip". If you are looking to download the entire broadcast, you will be downloading the parts individually.
Livestream Producer Support
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Thanks for the reply.
So you tell me, I understand that I have to have a wider internet connection, so you do not pass this.
I always I have the same internet connection 20Megabytes! and I never pass it. : S: S
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