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Default Procaster crashes after 5-7 minutes of recording

When using several Doom and Duke Nukem 3D source ports, as well as a Playstation emulator, I've noticed that Procaster stops recording and gives an error message several minutes in. While the icon still shows it as recording, and the displayed length of playback is equal to the time from I started recording to the time I stopped it (or tried to stop, at least; the icon doesn't actually revert from red to green), it only plays up until the point where it crashed - usually five to seven minutes in - then stops abruptly. The one common thread between all of the programs used seems to be that they use OpenGL, but even when using DirectX rendering on one of them the problem still occurs.

The problem is easily reproduced if more information is needed, such as what the error message says, and any suggestions on what else to try to narrow down the possible causes would be greatly appreciated.
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After more testing I have concluded that this problem spans all games. In the interests of seeing whether or not it was due to some sort of software conflict I closed several programs and processes, leaving me with mIRC, Procaster, the game itself, Avira AntiVirus and Realtek HD Audio Manager, and Procaster still stopped working some minutes in with the same exact issue.

In the interests of narrowing things down even further: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+, 2 gigs of RAM, ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphics card (driver date 3/16/09 - planning on updating this as we speak; stay tuned for further exciting developments), Biostar MCP6P M2+ motherboard and using the on-board sound card of the same. If I've somehow missed something in the minutiae of the program's manual detailing which specific bits and brands of hardware cause the program to vomit on itself I'd be delighted to have someone point it out.
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Can you try using the latest version of Procaster? We just released an update, the newest version is 1.0.53. You can download it here: http://static.livestream.com/procaster/Procaster.exe or use the automatic updater which will suggest you update when launching Procaster.

Livestream Support

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