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Default intermittent audio crackle

Hi there
I been using Procaster,( latest version)To record some Ableton video for a friend here.

And noticed intermittent crackles as I'm recording and playing back

I use ASIO4all for the Procaster,checked the sample rate 41,000 ,against the ASIO driver,all good.
Checked my Focusrite Scarlett 8i6,the settings there all the same,checked the internal sound card too all ok.
I'm using a Rode NT1a condenser mic,checked the connections and power supply fine,no problems

Tried Ableton with ASIO4all, but without Procaster,no crackles at all!!

I'm using a Dell XPS,tower, with Windows 7 O.P,2.4Ghz Phenom 2.4Ghz,6 core,4Gb Ram,1 Tb hard drive

Any help or advice with this,is very welcome and appreciated


Hi there
Just an update.Pin- pointed the crackle to the audio pane of Procaster being open,and headphone monitoring on.Never had this
before,very odd.Close the pane and the crackle stops
Checked all settings and everything fine

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