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Default Very Heavy CPU Usage

Whenever streaming with Procaster my CPU jumps to 99% usage, but stop recording, and it drop back to normal usage (around 15%).
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Video encoding is a very resource intensive task and if you are running multiple programs, especially if streaming something like a video game this can take a toll on the CPU. For best results try lowering the video resolution and quality settings in Procaster.

Livestream Support
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Are you sure this is the problem? For instance if you enable a desktop recorder like ManyCam or SplitCam it uses some CPU, but the real CPU toll is from the Mogulus studio itself. Aren't the recorders doing the encoding? Yet they are not the most demanding.

I don't get it. I thought Mogulus being in flash was the issue but Procaster doesn't fix it at all.
I hope this makes sense.
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