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Default Release: Procaster version 1.0.51

The newest version of Procaster (v 1.0.51) is now available for download at Procaster.com.

This version includes:
- Ability to save a copy of the broadcast locally to the desktop as a backup.
- Check and suggest to change from Vista AERO scheme (for better framerate)
- Better timecode handling (should resolve sync / recording time issues)
- Camera name label on CAMERA button
- Deinterlace 'best quality' is default now
- Support for WebcamMax
- If no camera on computer, desktop mode is selected
- Add 'auto minimize after start broadcast'

Game features:
- In-game status messages
- More game options (text colors, position etc)

Bug Fixes:
- Fix for hardware crash
- Fix for crash in middle of progress bar
- Fix for camera freezing
- Fix for Can't save/use other audio device when dvcam plugged in
- Webcam now always associated with default audio input
- Change Esc default shortcut to stop to SHIFT-Esc
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