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Default Dimak sabotaged and locked as result.

Hello, Dimak has been using livestream for over two years we have been following the rules left and right, but just recently a ex-member of our channel has sabotaged us and streamed bannable content on our channel and reported HIMSELF while doing so as to make sure our channel got locked. I know for a fact he was the only one who reported the channel. I already made a PM but this is a very critical issue as it affects all of Dimak which consist of a lot of people. I really, really want to get our channel back as we have been using it for two years, and to lose something suddenly because one person wants petty revenge is a nightmare.

channel locked: http://livestream.com/dimak
Owner : Lcicle

Thank you for your time.

Edit: Dimak's history is Livestream. Please see reason in my request for a second chance at continuing Dimak.

Last edited by Icicru; 20th March 2013 at 20:12. Reason: Dimak is something I really care about. I dont want to see it erased.
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Please reach out to our takedown team with your request. You can reach them directly at takedown@livestream.com
Livestream Producer Support
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Thank you very much, I am writing it up right now and will send it shortly.
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