Old 28th August 2009, 12:40
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Thumbs down This One At A Time Thing Kills This Service.

The amount of time it now takes to attempt to produce a channel is not worth the effort. As long as we can only import videos one at a time I will have to stop using it and stop recommending it to clients who were interested in such a technology. I will keep checking back to see if they get this fixed.
Old 28th August 2009, 14:40
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Wink Import works but...

I'm glad you guys fixed the problem but the time it now takes to import videos is entirely TOO Loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg. LOL!

What used to take a few minutes now takes an hour or more depending on the number of videos I'm importing.

There's another FREE service I used as a back-up during the import problem. With this service as soon as the YouTube url is copied and pasted in it's player the video is ready for viewing with literally no lag time.

Out of respect, I won't mention the service. I do I admit I prefer Livestream. I like your swag. (smile)

Nevertheless, do you guys have any plans for improving the import speed?
Old 28th August 2009, 21:40
GamerDude3282 GamerDude3282 is offline
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I still can't get it to work
Old 29th August 2009, 03:45
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Other folks seem to be having the same issue as I am, in that the Java authorization window never appears, I simply have a few minutes of nothing and then the failure message others have mentioned. Most of my content comes from uploads, so this is a relatively minor inconvenience for me, but I'm hoping a fix rolls out soon.

I understand you guys are scrambling to fix the problems YouTube's changes have created, and want to thank the team for all the hard work. Good luck getting this fix functioning efficiently and smoothly, guys.
Old 30th August 2009, 11:06
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how can I contact you mogul2009? I am interested in your backup site.
Old 2nd September 2009, 05:06
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Default We want an explanation about this.

The new system is very slow.

Please, Benhomer, tell us if Livestream is going to fix the problem. I would like to be possible to make multiple uploads of youtube videos again.
Old 2nd September 2009, 05:08
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I'm having extreme difficulty with this as well. I've been stuck rotating the same videos for three weeks.

This is highly unfortunate. :/

The really annoying thing is the Service Health issue page says everything is OK, but since nothing works, it obviously isn't, so what gives? :/
Old 2nd September 2009, 10:59
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You may need to update your version of java and the new method may be slower than the previous one but this should be working. If you're having issues with it we would need some additional details on your system so we can try to replicate. If you send this by e-mail a member of our support team can work with you directly to troubleshoot further.

Livestream Support
Old 2nd September 2009, 14:57
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Question New System

Are there any plans to bring back some sort of multiple/background uploading system?
Old 8th September 2009, 00:48
A234542 A234542 is offline
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PLEASE tell me this new upload system is temporary. I loved the upload system before due to how fast it was regardless of the few minor problems I had... I've loved using livestream, but if the upload system stays this way I may have to look for another site to host my stream.
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