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Default Player API retrieving viewerCount function Flash

Hi I have spent the last few days making my own player, but I am having issues calling the live viewer count, it is only showing 0 viewers (when i obviously know there are more)

From the documentation:

viewerCount property
viewerCount:int [read-only]

The number of viewers currently watching this Livestream channel.
public function get viewerCount():int

Basically I am adding into the readyHandler a variable that stores the viewer count and then input the viewer count into a text box. I know that this process works it will input most other return calls into the box, but it only ever shows 0.

viewernum = lsPlayer.viewerCount;
MenuHov.viewers.text = viewernum;

I am either doing something very wrong or this function does not work any longer? Can anyone provide me with some info on this? I know I can call up the XML file for the channel to get the viewers but would rather not have to parse an XML file everytime the player looks to see how many viewers there are.

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Could you provide a link to the site where your created player is embedded?
Livestream Support
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Hi Ernie,


Currently I have used a work around to retrieve the view count and original live status of the channel by importing via XML. I couldn't get the flash viewerCount property to work nor the isLive status. I can receive the onLive event itself, so that with the original status from the XML file to have the live status behave appropriately.

The work around seems to work perfectly fine, but I am also teaching myself flash and actionscript in the process so if I am doing something wrong or if those functions are invalid I would love to know.

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As for as the API fixing services are concerned, i think the best service providers out there are http://thecustomconfigshop.com/, they have outstanding experts in this regard and solve the problem in matter of times, you should have a look
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