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Thumbs down No response From Livestream Staff

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JoeMooreLivestream said
Originally Posted by JoeMooreLivestream View Post
Hello everyone,

Just to confirm, the issue we've been experiencing in regards to the Pause/Volume/Fullscreen overlay display sticking over your video has been resolved. Please be sure to empty your temporary internet files/cache and then reload your player.

We thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve this issue, and we apologize for any inconveniences it may have caused.

If you find you still are encountering this issue, or any other issues, please send an email to support@livestream.com.

Thanks and best regards,

Joe Moore
Livestream Producer Support
Well, I e-mailed them about 2 weeks ago. I said
I've embedded the old-style player on my site and we've all got the three giant buttons (pause/play, un/mute, fullscreen) when you hover the mouse over the old-style player.

When Joe Moore said it was resolved, I was under the impression everything was set back to the way the old-style player used to be: Showing the name of the streamer when you turn it on, not having the constantly-updating image when off (which, by the way, takes up more resources on my computer than the original player did) and just having it fully off, and not having any overlay buttons on the screen itself.

It seems most Livestream users prefer that you folks bring back that old way, and the way it's set up now is actually causing me to lose viewers because they don't like how the player works now.
and have yet to get a response. I realize they're busy people but to not even get a notification of getting my e-mail is really bothersome. Would someone please give me some sort of response?
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So it's been 2 weeks since I last posted. Still haven't heard anything from anyone. What gives?
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Default Old Player


We apologize for the delayed response. The overlays you've mentioned in the Old Player are a permanent additions.

Best Regards,

Joe Moore
Livestream Producer Support

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