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Default New user -- very confused; multiple issues

I've looked all through the FAQ and the user's guide, and searched the forum, but I am still unable to get off the ground. I'm not trying to do anything fancy; just stream old broadcast TV shows for some of my friends online, but after half a day of fiddling around and researching I am still at a standstill.

I do not have a microphone and a web cam. I am using Procaster. My OS is Vista. My preferred browser is Firefox. I am encountering the following issues:

1) When I first click the big red 'Go Live' button, I get an error message after about ten seconds telling me 'You seem to have some audio problem.' I've tried diddling around with the video, audio, and desktop settings to no avail.

2) If I open my Livestream channel in a separate tab I get a horrible echo effect. Sometimes it simply repeats the same burst of sound over and over in an endless loop. Pardon me for the dumb question, but how do I participate in the chat and/or see if my stream is functioning correctly if I can't watch my own channel? ESP? The Procaster popup vanishes as soon as I go live. I can neither monitor the chat window, nor ban/unban abusive viewers, nor clear the chat window to eliminate lag. WTF do I do?

3) I'm thinking it would be simpler to simply upload the files and schedule them to play at a certain time so I *can* watch, and participate in the chat sessions. Although the Livestream Studio says nothing regarding file type, the user's guide has this to say:

>At this time, we accept the following file formats: .WMV, .FLV, .MOV

The vast majority of my files are in .avi format. Am I simply out of luck?

For something supposed to be free and fun, this sure is turning into a gigantic pain. Livestream *so* needs to hire a decent technical writer.......
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Update: I tried reinstalling Procaster, and now I *do* get the transparent chatbar, plus the small preview window so I can actually see what's going on. Groovy. Unfortunately the audio is full of popping and crackling whenever I launch Procaster. This occurs in Windows Media Player 11, VLC, and Media Player Classic.

I am using a Soundblaster SB X-Fi Go! plug-in sound card. I live in a small apartment, so speakers are a no-no; I use headphones instead. Could either of these be an issue?
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