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Default Possibility of DirectX 6 and 7 support?


I did a little searching on the forum and couldn't really find any serious discussion on this matter aside from some usability issues. Anyway...

Our channel resorts solely on streaming video games, both from consoles and the PC. The type of games we mostly stream is based on the PC alot which brings up the issue:

Procaster only supports full-screen capturing from DirectX 8 and onwards, where in fact most pre DX8 games have been forced to play only in full screen. While you can very often set DX8-DX10 games on Windowed mode and capture them with the Desktop Mode of Procaster -- this creates two ways of capturing DX8+ applications but none for older applications.

Capturing other fullscreen applications by selecting the desktop mode and capturing the whole desktop, then going to the game is possible, but Procaster keeps staying on top so it and the game keeps flashing back and forth, creating a massive slowdown in both the game and the video capture. This can't be used to stream live video at all.

This basically takes a 50% slice of our possible diversity in entertainment away.

I know that writing DirectX hooks isn't the easiest sport in the world, but would it be anyhow possible that Livestream would look into this matter as currently anything pre-2000 is left out of the loop and gaming on livestream has become more and more popular (the recently added "Gaming" live stream category may speak for itself).

Thanks for your time.

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Thanks for this note. We initially didn't think DX 6 & 7 have a big audience, but you are right: we have been getting requests for it. We will prioritize it in - can't promise anything, but we will definitely consider it seriously

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Consider another voice to it. Older games are just as awesome even still. (Did Dungeon Keeper's DX patch use DX5 or DX6?)
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It would be awesome if this were implemented. Also, it needs DirectDraw too.
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