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Default Can this be done? 4 cams, recorded and live view.

Think of a Basketball game. One camera on each goal, and one on each sideline. Considering the speed at which the game moves we are unable to cue the correct camera quickly enough. What is the best way to have four cameras shooting and Recording, so that we can provide as close to real time "live" production as possible. We are not interested in Recording all four angles then uploading and cueing from the preveiws or edits. We would prefer to be able to "Live Edit" so that we can stream the best angle on the action that is possible. Is there a way to do so, without having to have a laptop connected to each camera. Or is there a camera that can feed directly into mogulus, with the feed being recorded as well.
I am open to any suggestions.
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Check out a previous thread started on this subject:


Hope this can give you some inspiration.

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