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The French have a reputation of never being satisfied.
Anyway ... I do not say anything ...
For pity's sake, CHANGE THE STUDIO!
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For those that "/ old" is it just missed, Livestream want to leave during a period required until the second phase of change, I quote the article in the User Guide:

"Donít worry. We will continue to support the old embeddable player as long as is necessary to provide you with a completely imperceptible transformation"
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Old 10th December 2009, 20:39
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Originally Posted by Crocosansk View Post
You are truly a band of French missed
Tell me something, might you be one of the idiots who actually voted for the new layout? Because that would explain your unwanted hostility.
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Old 24th January 2010, 22:07
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Honestly, I like /old, but for some channels that I access with /old, the Chat function is disabled, which is odd.
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Old 12th February 2010, 06:36
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Oh yes, the new layout is absolutely horrible, who designed that thing? It looks like some horrible Youtube or Myspace profile page made by someone who has no idea how a good layout should look! Everything is broken into little pieces and stuck around the site, while the old one was in one nice box, it looked so tidy and easy to use. The new chat room is way too small, and black text on white background isn't as good as the old white on black. You can't even see the people in the chat room without clicking to show the people. Unfortunately, when using /old, the chat is disabled sometimes, which limits the use of it.

Please, do something about the chat. I could ignore all the other parts about the new layout if the chat room was better. None of my friends really want to stream anymore because of the horrible chat and neither do I. And when someone does stream and we use /old, the chat just doesn't always work, which also discourages us from streaming.

I'm disappointed. Why fix something that's not broken?
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