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Unhappy Streaming with JW PLAYER

I've tried using Livestream's developer (API) for streaming my livestream channel through the JW PLAYER, so I tried following

the livestream.com intructions

"As of version 4.6, the player includes native support for streaming through the www.Livestream.com service. This is set up by setting the file flashvar to the name of your www.Livestream.com channel, the type flashvar to livestream and the livestream.devkey flashvar to an API key from www.Livestream.com that is valid for your domain."

As I followed the instructions I went into http://www.longtailvideo.com/ to download JW PLAYER... Then I was

supposed to copy an embed tag and change the flashvars... As it turns out my channel is named "shesh", so as the instructions

said I set the flashvar "video" into shesh, "streamer" into livestream but there was no livestream.devkey field... So I added my

own. However when I FINALLY finished uploading and embedding the player I got this kind of message: VIDEO NOT

AUTHERIZED PREMISSION DENIED!!!!!!!!! Why does'nt it work? help!!!!!!!!

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Follow this instructions: http://www.livestream.com/userguide/...er_Integration

And don't change anything, if it says the flashvar "type" it is "type" not "streamer"...
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That's exactly the problem.

if you see the JW PLAYER embed code --> which is supposed to be integrated with

livestream... you will see it doesn't have any "type" field AND does'nt HAVE

any "livestream.devkey" field too. If they really integrated with livestream shouldn't they

have them?
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Ufortunately the new version of JWPlayer has a different plugin model and we need to update our integration with them. We are working together on this and should have something out very soon.
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