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Default Audio Redirector

dear all,

i removed procaster by error simply by dragging the .app file to the trash. i thought this wasn't a big deal, since i could reinstall procaster. uninstalled and re-installed versions both are 2.0.20.

however, i experienced various hanging, trying to cast led to program exiting and stating a message box with something like 'woops, you've got something serious here.' [literally].

i also noticed that i couldn't hear *any* sound on the mac. therefore, as per another post:


i removed LP Audio Redirector. rebooting, led to audio working back again. so i went for another reinstall, but same issues: i cannot cast, and audio doesn't work.

thus: is there a way to reset *completely* all the settings installed by the install scritp, and try this ex new?

thank you,


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Actually you have reseted it completely by remove the LP redirector and Procaster itsefl. Serious-type problems usually occur on network issues that lead to memory overload. you might want to check around this area.

another think I can think of is that you might have installed it from a different account?

alternatively, send us the logs, and put details in the crash reports (if it crashes).

see the FAQ for more details

Lior, Livestream
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