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Default A few thoughts....

1. The Facebook app is still down:

I can pull up the Livestream main page, but clicking on the "Go to App" brings me to a blank page. (This is a recommended step to fix a prior issue that I've been having for probably close to a month now)

You can check out specifically what I'm talking about here:


2. JonUSB is spamming the forums (see above referenced post)

3. Repeated emails to support regarding the Facebook App have still gone unanswered, as well as finding out why specifically my verification continually gets denied - (as far as content goes, I either broadcast gaming matches, or I broadcast computer support/tutorials for my business. As far as I know, I DO own the rights for broadcasting, unless I have to get the OK from Microsoft/ *insert application developer here* to broadcast my desktop) ?

Between the spam and lack of communication, it's becoming harder & harder take Livestream as a serious content delivery app/system. I have several friends who are interested in setting something like this up for various public venues, and they are asking me for recommendations for both audio & video streaming.

Just my 2 cents.
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We're currently in the process of looking into the Facebook app. We appreciate your patience while we improve this feature.

In regards to the verification process, I've visited your channel page and have noticed that you have no on demand content available, and your channel hasn't been customized with the various logos and other features that set your channel out from the rest. Without seeing the kind of content you stream, its hard for us to get a sense of what your channel is all about. Increasing your online presence will go a long way in getting your channel verified.

-Joe Moore
Livestream Producer Support
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