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Default Broadcast to iPhone low Q and HQ to Livestream

A couple of questions regarding iPhone support from LiveStream. We would like to do our normal HD broadcasts (currently using UStream for this) but we also want to have a live mobile stream as well for devices like the iPhone. Today we simply split the two in half, Ustream for HD and Livestream for mobile.

I would like to try and use one provider if possible. I can have multiple computers encoding the stream, but would this mean that I would need to create two different LiveStream channels? If I connect using ProCaster for the iPhone stream can I also connect via FMLE for Mac (private beta) to stream the HD feed to LiveStream?

Is there an easier solution? If I just use FMLE for Mac can I simply encode a h.264 low quality version for iPhone and an HD version for LiveStream and make both feeds work out of the same encoder, assuming the computer has enough resources to make that encode work?

What are my options for both a live HD stream and a mobile LQ stream? Thank you much in advance!
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you have to use two channels, one for iPhone, one for HD. also, Procaster does not support yet multi-bitrate so you'll have to use two separate machines. We're not sure about FMLE Mac, but even if it has multi-bitrate it'll have to stream them to two distinct channels and I dont' think FME supports that.

Remark: if you want to stream HD from FME you should have a Premium account. To stream from FME to an iPhone you should get the AAC plugin.

So, the best solution I see would be to use two separate machines, both with Procaster, streaming into two channels.

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