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Thumbs down Can't Find Frequency...U Won't Read This Anyway

So I am trying to watch a friend channel. and I keep getting this message "Could not find frequency. Please Try again"

So I figure. Well I'll go check in the forums to see if I can fix it. but what do I find? About 20 of these same forum posts without one reply as to how to fix the problem.

Only if the problem is on the broadcasters side do you give an answer...and even then it is usually just a "Problem should be fixed now" which doesn't really help anyone else.

I'm just going to go to Justin.tv only and get my friend to switch over to that, or maybe you can actually give some help?
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Hi Zaldar,

The "Cannot Find Frequency" message is a generic "cannot connect to player" error and can be caused by a fair amount of variables - there is no simple "one answer." If there was, we'd provide it.

What we can do is try to troubleshoot your issue. What we'll need is the following:

Browser Information
Flash Version
Specific Channel
Connection Type

If you'd prefer, you can send this information directly to Info@livestream.com for our Support Team to address.


Rick Stern
Producer Support Manager
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