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Default An actual queue for video cue'ing

Pretty much exactly how it sounds.

Instead of only having one clip waiting to play, why not create a list. Everytime we cue a clip it ads it to that list. We can view the list. Then, there should be an option for each video on the list that says "Play now" to instantly play it.

I know this may be difficult to implement, but I think it would be amazing.
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The quick and dirty solution is to make a new storyboard and playlist the clips in it. Then go to auto pilot control to delete the offline storyboard and replace it with the new playlist story board. You can then switch to autopilot and allow the playlist to take over. You will also be able to add more clips to the playlist while it is playing. When you are done with the broadcast you can then remove the playlist storyboard from the autopilot and replace it with the initial offline storyboard. When you drag a copy of a clip to the story board it will make a symbolic link to the content and does not consume any time or resources or either the server of client end. GOOD LUCK!
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