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I've been experiencing this issue too.

Last night I was streaming Tetsuo: The Iron Man, and every ten minutes or so, the FPS would drastically drop. If I stopped the stream, then restarted, it'd be good for another 10 minutes, but it's extremely frustrating to have to continually do that.

I've tried to use Flash Media Encoder in conjunction with Camtasia, but the FPS is horribly choppy no matter how I set it up, and it seems to be zoomed in on one corner of what I have selected. On top of that, despite having the correct FMS url, it doesn't stream; the statistics just keep saying it connected, then disconnected.
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Here's my latest information on the issue.

Every so often, the FPS will kind of stutter for a minute or so.
This drop can be seen in Procaster's FPS display, as well as the preview.
It will eventually go back to full FPS in these instance.

However, later, usually around 10 minutes in, it will drop permanantly.
Well, until the stream is restarted, at least, I mean.
This permanant drop is NOT shown in Procaster's FPS display.
The preview does show it, however. But the FPS display will show full FPS as usual.

This happens with ALL recordings, game, screen, camera, it doesn't matter.
Even recording a barely-moving picture of the desktop, just moving icons occasionally, will do it.
Barely any CPU use in such an instance, the problem is definitely not related to my computer.
I almost wish it was; At least then I'd know what's wrong and how to fix it.

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the previous poster described it perfectly. i have the exact same problem.

using the latest procaster, streaming from desktop is just impossible for me.
i have tried all settings from high to low. there is now difference. over 1 GB of RAM is unused in these situations and the CPU is at roughly 30%, so my hardware is not the problem. the problem exists when playing fast videos with lots of change and also when just a static picture is shown.

what really confuses me is the dynamic behind this problem. the first ~30 seconds of every broadcast shows that great performance is possible, which makes it all the more frustrating when the breakdown comes.

please help us solve this mistery!
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Hi murderhole (what a name )

we're not sure what it could be. Two things i can think of, is one, switch to wired connection in case you are on wireless, two, switch to Vista Basic in case you are on Vista aero. if these fail, here's what would help us determine the problem:

1. add debug info to the stream by doing the following:
a. in procaster_global.xml change <display_debug_info>false</display_debug_info>
to true
procaster_global.xml could be found in Vista at C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\procaster and in XP at C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\procaster.
You have to exit Procaster app before doing the change.
b. stream and have auto-record enabled
c. send us a link to the recorded video (in your livestream.com library)
d. send us the all the logs and xmls (from the same folder of procaster_global.xml)
to procaster@mogulus.com. Please put a quick description of the problem there

you could also try to go back to a previous version and see if it changed anything. the previous versions cold be found here: http://www.livestream.com/userguide/...caster_Release

If you could update us on the outcome (good or bad) it would be great.

Lior, Livestream
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Default Same Problem

Hey, im a video broadcaster from germany.

We usually stream Team Fortress 2 games every 1-2 weeks around 20-22 CET.

Since some months i have a big problem with my casts. When it comes to this hour ( 20-22 CET ) in 50 % times i have FPS problems, i mean not these FPS problems with my computer but i have a lag on my stream. In Procaster i can see my FPS and bandwitch with the monitor, everytime when it goes under the 25 limit the stream is lagging. So when i connect it starts with stable 25 FPS but after some seconds it goes down and im lucky when i have more then 10, because when it goes above its unwatchable.

But the problem is, its not something with my computer and its not everytime, sometimes i have no problems but on the other day its really bad. And the next thing is, its only at this time, when i gonna test my settings 5-6 hours earlier i never had this problems. So im not an expert, but i think its an traffic issue, not with my connection but an problem with the routing from livestream.

It would be really great if u could fix this and its not just me, Saralene have exactly the same problem. I really love ur service and you do a great job, but please help me with this issue.

( sry for my english ;H )
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I keep having the same problems too! Will try to send off my debug info as suggested by to the other user.

Its highly annoying as we can have a perfectly good stream which is entertaining and watchable and then it turns into a poor stutterfest.

The audio seems to be uneffected btw.
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ok i finally managed to work out a solution.

first off, the newest version (.84) has a big memory leak under windows XP, which leads to the effect that after a set period the stream encoding degrades to an unrecoverable mess. (this was NOT an FPS problem, the stream bandwith was crashing while the frames count stayed at the set treshold for a way longer time!) for me this stable period lasted exactly 12 minutes every single time. reloading procaster solved this for another 12 minutes. i could keep up a nice quality stream by babysitting it that way.

of course that was not a solution, so i tried the previous version (.73): here there is absolutely no memory leak to observe, everything is steady and i could keep a nice stream going indefinitely. while i was testing this version i also discovered that FPS drops were only related to my insufficient upload. once i set the configuration to a more modest setting, the FPS kept steady.

i am pleased. a bit of experimenting finally solved my problem. thanks for providing the links to the earlier versions!

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Thanks for replying to my thread everyone! I installed an older version of Procaster, and found it works much better for me. No FPS dip after 10 minutes.
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Originally Posted by Hydraflux View Post
Thanks for replying to my thread everyone! I installed an older version of Procaster, and found it works much better for me. No FPS dip after 10 minutes.
that's good!

1. we wondered what OS are you using?
2. If you'd like to get a test version with all latest features, with a fix for this, please send me an email to lior.messinger@livestream.com with a "please send test fix for low fps problem" subject

Lior, Livestream
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fps, frame drops, frame rate, low, settings

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