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Thank you for your comments. The option to disable Auto-Record has been added to the latest beta release of Procaster, however, a server-side rollout needs to be done in order for this feature to function. We currently have this rollout planned for later this week, at which point, the feature should be operational.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@livestream.com


Rick Stern
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Originally Posted by kriscrash View Post
Maybe in Procaster have 2 buttons; one that says "Stream!" and one that says Record (to library) which becomes available while streaming, maybe with a pause button rather than only a full stop - meaning if you have slow starts or pauses in the stream you can roughly edit that out
I agree! Having a Broadcast hotkey and a Record hotkey would be awesome.
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Thanks so much. This really is a revolutionary service you guys are providing, truthfully, and seeing the fact that you guys want to continually improve it only bodes well for us all.

I wish you all luck, and peace.
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