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Default Audio Line In problem

Hello, all. I have a strange problem. The "play what comes out of the speakers" option doesn't work at all for me. No one can hear what I'm hearing.

I used to have a Line-in device driver on my computer. I would be able to broadcast whatever I was listening to while I would listen to it without a problem. However, my line-in device is gone now. I remedied this by installing Virtual Audio Cable. Now, the only way for the audio playing on my desktop to broadcast is for me to switch the default device from my speakers to the Virtual Audio Cable...and then I can't hear it any more.

Do you guys have some kind of solution for this? Perhaps...if you knew some setting that would allow me to use Virtual Audio Cable AND my speakers at the same time?...or better yet, to make the "play what comes out of the speakers" option work for me?

Thank you very much for the help C:

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What you're looking for is the "mixer" or "stereo mix" function of your sound card. If you once had that function on this computer with the same OS, then try re-installing your sound card drivers.

If you upgraded your OS, however (say, from Windows XP to Windows Vista or Windows 7) then this functionality is no longer available, Microsoft removed the option. Some sound card drivers still support this, but it's hidden -- others have not included it back in. This post might assist you in re-enabling it under Vista/Win7:
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