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Default Event time off by one hour

I added an event in the studio for 9:30pm EST Tuesday next week and it shows on my page as 10:30pm. I changed it in the studio but it still wont update on my channel page. I also changed the time zone to see if it will fix but no good.

Here is my channel:


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Was there any resolution to this? I have the same issue - the time is set properly in Studio, but on the page, the events list shows the time as 1 hour later. I've manually adjusted the time in Studio, but I'm not sure how that affects other things.
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Exclamation I have seen this too

I have seen this on a couple of events that have been posted on the front page. I did inform tech support but the issues may not be resolved yet. I will get in touch with them again and find out if there is a fix for this or just a bug in the system.
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We are aware of the issue that events display a full one hour later than configured. This is caused by the way the studio calculates Day Light Savings and can be temporarily resolved by entering the Configuration Page within the Account Center and changing the GMT to a full hour before. We should have this resolved by the next website release.


Rick Stern
Producer Support
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